D’Addario Reeds Exclusive Artist


Ted Klum Mouthpieces


Silverstein Ligatures Artist


Just Joes Sax Straps






I prefer mouthpieces that are not too open, I feel that I can control the sound and pitch better with these pieces. You can still get a big sound with a smaller mouthpiece, and it seems I can play over the horn more evenly. Once while I was on tour with The Lionel Hampton Orchestra in Germany, we learned that Eddie Harris was playing a club nearby. All of the saxophone section went over to check him out. He was playing beautifully, it was wonderful to hear him. He told me that he didn’t like open mouthpieces and that his piece was a rather closed older mouthpiece (a Selmer mouthpiece, I believe). He said that he could play from the bottom of the horn to the very top with this piece and the control was better for him. He didn’t have a very loud sound by modern standards but on a mic and in the studio, the color of his tone is absolutely brilliant (as the recordings will testify).


Yamaha 82Z Alto

Yanagisawa 9932Z, solid silver neck and bell

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 77000 series, circa 1959

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 141,000 series, circa 1967

Yanagisawa 9930 Soprano, solid silver body and neck

Selmer Mark VI low A Baritone 70,000 series circa 1957

Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet circa 1974

Avanti 2000 Silver flute, low B

Maramatsu EX Low C

Yamaha 62 Wooden piccolo



New York USA Meyer, 6M given to me by the great Kenny Hing re-faced by The Mouthpiece Guys

early Babbitt Meyer 6M, refaced by Jon Van Wie and Ted Klum

Hollywood Gregory re-faced by Ted Klum

Ted Klum VersiTone Acoustimax hand finished by Ted Klum

Zimberoff alto re-faced by Brian Powell


Hollywood Dukoff metal, 5 (from Jackie Kelso) .090 tip opening

Florida Otto Link metal, refaced by Jon Van Wie and finished by Ted Klum .097 tip opening

Aaron Drake resin Stan Getz copy 6*

Duckbill HR Berg Larsen re-faced by Ted Klum .097 tip opening

Florida Otto Link 7 (from Jackie Kelso)

Berg Larsen HR .095 tip, (from Jackie Kelso)


Aizen Soloist copy re-faced by Brian Powell

Morgan rubber re-faced by Brian Powell


Vandoren V16 B7

early 60’s Berg Larsen HR refaced by Ted Klum 110 tip opening

Meyer New York USA refaced by Ted Klum


Vandoren B45 dot

Morgan RM-15


Alto – Rico Jazz Select Unfilied 2M

Soprano – Rico Jazz Select Unfiled 3M

Tenor – Rico Jazz Select Unfiled 2M or 2H

Baritone – Brown Box Rico 2, Orange Box Rico 2 or 2 1/2

Clarinet –  D’Addario Reserve Classic Clarinet


Silverstein Ligatures on all saxophones

Silverstein Prelude Ligature on clarinet