Study the "Learn to Hear" Method with Marshall McDonald!


All saxophones, clarinet and flute.  ALL LEVELS, email me with any questions!  

LEARN TO HEAR METHOD!  You have to learn to hear, music is about hearing, and jazz is about expressing yourself.   We study patterns and scales to make music, not to impress our friends!  You want to play music that touches people.  I love pop, rock, classical and jazz.  Funk, soul, R & B.  A musician should have an open mind and an open heart.  Music is music.  Respect!  I can definitely make YOU a better player.  Have an audition, contact Marshal Mac!  I'll help ya!    

Learn from the Lead Alto player from THE COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA, with over 30 years of jazz experience on the road.  You WILL learn how to improvise! How to get a GREAT sound!  Play in a sax section!   See improvement in 3 months!  UNDERSTAND music, impress your friends and Band Members!  It’s FUN to learn, the Marshall Mac Method!  I will show you how to improve and have fun, from beginners to pros!  

1 Hour Lesson $100.00  
1/2 Hour Lesson $50.00  
3 Lesson Pack $285.00  
5 Lesson Pack $450.00 BEST PACKAGE!  

(Possible student discounts available, must provide proof- click the CONTACT page above) 

BIG BAND CLINICS, High Schools, Colleges, Big bands.  Learn from the BIG BAND GUY!  I've played with them all, I will teach you from the inside out!   

Paypal accepted!   Other payment methods possible.  

Etudes, Classical & Jazz.   Downloads and secrets learned from George Coleman, Frank Wess, Frank Foster.   Learn how to have fun! If you play in a BIG BAND, I will make you sound 200% better in a year!  Learn how to swing, play in a section, how to PHRASE in a big band.  

-In my over 20 year association with the original and legendary Count Basie Orchestra I have been honored to play and learn from original Basie players. Kenny Hing, Danny Turner, Cleave Eaton, Frank Wess, Frank Foster, John Williams, Mel Wanzo, Bob Ojeda, Grover Mitchell, Melton Mustafa, Dennis Mackrel, Greg Fields, Byron Stripling, Clarence Banks, Harold Jones, “Butch” Charles J. Miles, and 54 year member Bill Hughes. Amongst many others. Get it from the source!-  

“Marshall McDonald is an EXCELLENT musician.  Great lead alto player and great tenor player. He is a First Class musician.  I always enjoy talking to him and listening to him play, saxophone players in the U.S., Japan and around the world should consider studying with Marshall!”  –Vincent Herring  

“Marshall has that pure clarinet sound!  He has that sound of the symphony players!”  —Lionel Hampton  

“Marshall has always done a GREAT job in my band!” —Charli Persip  

“Marshall McDonald is the REAL DEAL.”   —Tim Price  

“Marshall is the only guy I know who has played 4 of the 5 sax chairs in the Basie band, and all of the sax chairs in the Ellington band”  —Basie veteran John Williams  

Study jazz chords, scales, harmony, jazz progression theory, how to play over ii-V-I changes, bebop, post-bop, modern and funk.  Learn the Count Basie style, solo methods for all saxophones, and lead alto concepts.  Study saxophone and clarinet sound production, 10 years of classical clarinet training, I studied sound production with Professor Nestor Koval of Pittsburgh and Joe Allard techniques with protege David Tofani.  

To improvise and play jazz, a player needs a firm foundation of scales, chords, harmony and theory.  I teach a 12 key practice method, with emphasis on playing over chord changes, progressions, tunes, harmonic linear approach, guide tones, leading tones, line connections, transcription study and piano study.  Big bands were originally complete with master improvisors, and much of big band dance music was made of “riffs” or jazz playing.  My years with one of the last masters of riff style Big Band playing, Mr. Lionel Hampton, gives me insight on both the virtuosity of jazz players and the sponteneity of jazz players.  

I’ve studied jazz harmony with George Coleman (Miles Davis alumnus), Dr. Nathan Davis, Mark Kirk (Phil Woods),  Dave Tofani (Joe Allard), Lee Konitz, Frank Foster, Bob Mintzer, Joe Lovano.  Clarinet with Thomas Thompson, Principal of The Pittsburgh Symphony, William Balawadjer, Professor CMU, Nestor Koval, Duquesne University, First American to Graduate from The Paris Conservatoire of Music.  

 My conversations with both Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Frank Foster, Kenny Hing, Doc Cheatham, Charli Persip, Charlie Young, Benny Golson and dozens of jazz legends will HELP YOU PLAY BETTER!.   My years of actually being “out on the road” DOING IT will help you have fun.  Give Joy.  Learn Music.   

Marshall McDonald

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