Yamano Jazz Masterclass

January 25, 2017 Masterclass

I’m looking forward to my 2nd Jazz Masterclass at Yamano Music in Ginza, Tokyo on January 25th:  What is Jazz?  What is Big Band Music?  I’m going to be working with the Tokyo University Big Band, and I will be focused on showing the young people how jazz is based on improvisation and the historical nature of this concept, along with basic concepts of the need for dedicated practice and understanding of harmony and theory.  Many times I hear young college bands in Japan playing during their “jazz” solo, the recorded version of a solo that they memorized.  I’m hoping to start reaching students all across Japan about the history of jazz music, and the importance of practice, theory and swing.   Jazz is a uniquely American art form but everyone can learn to appreciate and play jazz music whether one is a hobbyist or a professional.


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