D’Addario Tenor Mouthpiece

I received one of the new D’Addario Select Jazz tenor mouthpieces from Kevin Garren at D’Addario in New York, #6, a 100 tip opening.  I usually play 95 tip openings.  When I first opened it, I thought to myself, the tip, the chamber walls, the curve, the facing all look very interesting, this might be something.  A few days later I popped it on for a spin and was really impressed with the playability of the piece.   I understand that it’s based on Jeff Coffin’s Freddie Gregory piece, with some modifications, and this mouthpiece has vibe.

It’s easy to play from the bottom of the horn to the altissimo, and the enunciation is great, notes come popping out with clarity, in fact so much, as the video sample above shows, I just wanted to play fast and a lot of notes!  I’m playing a Jazz Select 2M reed here with my Silverstein CYRO ligature.   I’ve been practicing this mouthpiece every day for the last week, and it’s a quality piece, I like the rubber, the resistance is good for a pro player, and the way notes pop out is actually quite good.  I’m getting a lot of sound out of it, that reminds me of the edge Bob Mintzer and Bob Berg were getting back in the day.   I recommend this mouthpiece, give it a whirl.

Click here to listen to the new Daddario Mouthpiece

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