Predatory Capitalism

A friend of mine posted a question about the pay level of sports figures and why?  I wrote this answer and I’m sharing it. Most of y’all might not dig it. But..... 

Because predatory capitalism doesn’t care about the needs of the people, the whole concept is built on “capitalizing on each other”, that is whatever the market will pay is fair, not whether it supports our higher good. Thus sports, religion and TV are used to sedate and brainwash the masses and it’s been quite successful turning us from citizens to “consumers” to quote George Bush.  Since the masses will pay large amounts of money to follow sports, buy the products advertised on sports etc the market decided how many billions they could make “capitalizing” on both the health of the players and the psyche of the electorate.  At one point after the players realized how much money the “owners” were making (a slave concept obviously) they demanded their share. And there was so much money being made that even after paying the players exorbitant amounts of pay there was still billions left for owners and shareholders. That’s a lot of dough. We ourselves elevated wealth and rich people to a high status when we changed our morals and tv shows starting around 1980 to represent only wealthy people not ordinary workers like Jackie Gleason, Andy Griffith, Maude, Kojak etc. we became the “I GOT MINE YOU GET YOURS COUNTRY” and the more money you have no matter how we got it, makes us a higher status. Who said, “when you famous they let you do that.....”? 😂 So WE THE PEOPLE are to blame for allowing the culture and corporations to put little financial value on the one who spends all day with our children, that is teachers for example, to the point where teachers have to buy their own supplies and take summer jobs to make ends meet—- we have reached the point where all great empires collapse.  And all of them have in the past.

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