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Playing Cherokee with Plas Johnson 

On January 28, 2013 I had my first visit at Mr Plas Johnson's house in LA because of the passing of Jackie Kelso. While we were hanging Plas said let's play and put on the Aebersold track with Cherokee in…

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I realized years ago that I wasn't a "genius" musician and decided that one could be a mature sounding musician and be comfortable aiming for excellence. Musicians that sound mature and do the job can work all week long.  It… Read more

Randy Brecker Interview



I've known Randy for many years, and he's not only a great musician, but also a beautiful person, that really exudes genuine care for all the folks he meets.  We had a lot of fun and some real moments.  Hope…

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How David Sanborn Changed My Life

In 1977, I went to see one of my music heroes, David Sanborn at the Leona Theatre in Pittsburgh. It was a packed house, Dave was at his peak, with his regular band featuring his guitar comrade the late and…

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Makihiko Ayaki: Music from Japan

One of the first musicians that I met about 8 years ago when I started spending a lot of time in Japan was Makihiko Araki. He's a brilliantly talented musician, influenced by Prince and others, and was signed to the…

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Music and The Human Brain

We lost Barry Harris just recently, he lived a rich and full life of dignity, a true Jazz Warrior.  I always noticed that Barry sung things to his students.  I just had a long talk with Dr. Nelson Harrison and…

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"The Big Birdie" Charlie Parker: The Source

I studied Bird by listening to his playing, and reading books about him. Charlie Parker is the most important musician of the last 80 years, he changed music across the musical spectrum. Rhythm & Blues came from jazz, and the…

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How Do Ya Practice Jazz? Or Music?

I was doing a Zoom lesson with a student about playing over There Will Never Be Another You. I was teaching the idea of playing a simple phrase, then running the Licks he had been shedding. Simple. Then Practice. Simple…

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Review of the Buffet Senzo Alto Saxophone

I had the privilege of going to the Buffet Showroom New York City, in 2015 and play testing the new alto, and taking it home for two weeks.   I really enjoyed this alto.  It has a dark sound, reminds me…

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Club Basie Japan

Basie!  There's a Jazz Club in Japan called Club Basie, Count Basie himself was there every year, and I visited the club while on tour with Basie there almost every year.  A jazz promoter, who got his nickname from The…

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Cannonball- Giants Who Visit

So much debate about who is best in jazz. It’s not a sport. But there are some Gifted ones who bring a message. They usually don’t stay long.  Armed with technique and substance, soul and swing, they say, “I can’t…

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Count Basie A Very Swingin' Christmas Review by Bill Brownlee

A Very Swingin’ Basie Christmas! (Concord Records) 

Founded in Kansas City in 1935, the Count Basie Orchestra celebrates its 80th anniversary with the release of its first Christmas album. With delightful assists from guests including the Christmas mainstay Johnny Mathis…

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Tim Price blogging for D'Addario Woodwinds

This weeks blog features a player whom I respect highly- Marshall McDonald. This is a player who I would call a master artist who's woodwind and saxophone playing, history speak for themselves. Face it, the street cred Marshall has is…

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Pure Clarinet Sound JAZZBLUESNEWS

31.08. – Happy Birthday !!! Whether you heard him playing Lead alto during his 18 year tenure with The Count Basie Orchestra, or playing tenor saxophone with Paquito D’Rivera or baritone saxophone with Abdullah Ibrahim or clarinet solos with The…

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Interview in Kobe, Japan

Kobe Jazz People



今回ご紹介するのはMarshall Mcdonald(マーシャル・マクドナルド)さん。あの世界的に有名なビッグバンド「カウントベイシー楽団」のリードアルトサックス奏者です。昨年の山野ビッグ・バンド・ジャズ・コンテストに出展したKOBEjazzブースに遊びに来てくださったことをきっかけに交流が始まり、このインタビューが実現しました。学生や若い人に伝えたいこと、日本のことなど、様々なことを伺いました。


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