Selmer Mark VI Alto, 162,XXX circa 1969

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 77XXX circa 1959 

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 141,XXX circa 1967  

Selmer Mark VI low A Baritone 70,XXX circa 1957 

Yanagisawa 9932Z Alto, bronze body, solid silver neck and bell

Keilwerth SX90R Shadow Alto

RS Berkley Silver Plated Virtuoso Alto

Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet circa 1974 

Avanti 2000 Solid Silver flute, low B 

Maramatsu EX Low C 

Yamaha 62 Wooden piccolo



Official D'Addario Woodwinds Artist

Official Silverstein Works Artist

 Mouthpieces: Ted Klum Mouthpieces

Sax straps:   Just Joe's Gel Sax Strap

Reedgeek Tool



New York USA Meyer 6M given to me by the great Kenny Hing re-faced by The Mouthpiece Guys

New York USA Meyer 5M Original facing 

Early Babbitt Meyer 6M (1973) re-faced by Jon Van Wie and Ted Klum

Hollywood Gregory re-faced by Ted Klum

Ted Klum VersiTone Acoustimax hand finished by Ted Klum 

Johannes Gerber NY Jazz 5M


Hollywood Dukoff metal, 5 (from Jackie Kelso) .090 tip opening 

Florida Otto Link metal, refaced by Jon Van Wie and finished by Ted Klum .097 tip opening 

Aaron Drake resin Stan Getz copy 6* 

Florida Otto Link 7 (from Jackie Kelso) 

Berg Larsen HR .095 tip, (from Jackie Kelso) 


Aizen Soloist copy re-faced by Brian Powell 

Morgan rubber re-faced by Brian Powell 


Vandoren V16 B7  


Vandoren B45 dot 

Morgan RM-15 


Alto – D'Addario Jazz Select Unfilied 2M  or 2H

Soprano – D'Addario Jazz Select Unfiled 3M 

Tenor – D'Addario  Jazz Select Unfiled 2M or 2H 

Baritone –  D'Addario 2 or 2 1/2,  Brown Box Rico 

Clarinet –  D’Addario Reserve Classic Clarinet 


Silverstein Ligatures on all saxophones 

Silverstein Ligature on clarinet