Official D'Addario Woodwinds Artist
Official Silverstein Works Artist
Mouthpieces: SYOS Marshall McDonald Signature
Sax straps:   Just Joe's Gel Sax Strap

Reedgeek Tool


Selmer Mark VI Alto, 162,XXX circa 1969 
Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 77XXX circa 1959  
Selmer Mark VI Tenor, 141,XXX circa 1967   
Selmer Mark VI Baritone 70,XXX circa 1957  
Yanagisawa 9932Z Alto silver neck and bell 
RS Berkley Silver Plated Virtuoso Alto 
Forestone SX Cognac Soprano
Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet circa 1974  
Avanti 2000 Solid Silver flute 
Maramatsu EX Low C  
Yamaha 62 Wooden piccolo 

Alto D'Addario Jazz Select Unfilied 3S  
Soprano D'Addario Jazz Select Unfiled 3M   
Tenor D'Addario  Jazz Select Unfiled 2H  
Baritone D'Addario Jazz Select 2M   
Clarinet D’Addario Reserve Classic 3   

Silverstein Ligatures - all instruments
First Generation Silverstein
Cyro 5 String
Hexa Pink Gold 6 String



SYOS "Marshall McDonald" Signature Piece  
New York USA Meyer 6M from Kenny Hing 
New York USA Meyer 5M Original facing   
Meyer 6M (1973) (re-face Van Wie)
Ted Klum Hollywood Gregory (re-face Klum)  
Ted Klum VersiTone Acoustimax  
Johannes Gerber NY Jazz 5M  

Hollywood Dukoff metal 5 (from Jackie Kelso) 
Florida Otto Link 6* (reface Van Wie and Ted Klum)  
Aaron Drake Stan Getz copy 6*   
Florida Otto Link 7 (from Jackie Kelso)   
Johannes Gerber Vintage 6*  

SYOS Signature Soprano  
Aizen Soloist (reface Brian Powell)   
Morgan HR (reface Brian Powell)   

Vandoren HR V16 B7    

Vandoren B45 dot   
Morgan RM-15