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',Welcome to my new website!  I will be adding practice and study materials, stories from the road, life ideas, photos of the cats I met, and all sorts of rants about everything!  If you wish to study with me, book a clinic, Skype lessons, book my group, please hit the Contact Me button!  Thanks for visiting.

Dedication of Amazing Grace to the World 

Here I am playing on alto saxophone, Amazing Grace (recorded 2008 Never released)...... I've had an amazing and blessed career, playing with or meeting musicians I've only dreamed of before, and been places in the world I had only dreamed of. My close friends know, oh they REALLY know, only for the Grace bestowed upon me did I accomplish any of these things. All of the people in these photos are my heroes. Music masters and all were so kind and generous. True artists. Each one had some childhood music…

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Predatory Capitalism  

A friend of mine posted a question about the pay level of sports figures and why?  I wrote this answer and I’m sharing it. Most of y’all might not dig it. But..... 

Because predatory capitalism doesn’t care about the needs of the people, the whole concept is built on “capitalizing on each other”, that is whatever the market will pay is fair, not whether it supports our higher good. Thus sports, religion and TV are used to sedate and brainwash the masses and it’s been quite successful turning us from…

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Clark Terry "Over the Rainbow" 

Check this one out!   I met Mr. Terry many times while traveling, one of the masters and also the first to integrate TV bands on The Tonight Show NBC, in New York City.  This version is swinging and clever.  Also features David Glasser, bandmate of mine, at the top of his form, Dave plays an outstanding solo which is personal and I hear his influences, including a touch of Phil Woods at times, fabulous stuff.  Time to get listening and practicing!  Stay safe and ISOLATE and keep going!

Jazz vs Classical 


I'm always confused why certain people act like Jazz and Classical are different and say, one can only do one or the other.  Same harmony, same 12 notes, same instruments.  Jazz Players borrowed most of what they do from Classical harmonic movement and took it to a new century.  And now it has evolved into a lot of atonal playing, which was an obvious conclusion, but unfortunately when you get there you lose the audience.  People who come hear us…

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Abdullah Ibrahim Cancelled.....and other news 

I'm sorry to announce that Mr. Ibrahim had to withdraw from the Chicago Symphony Hall concert and the 4 nights at the Blue Note New York due to health concerns.  He is doing well and we appreciate your thoughts.

Also since my schedule has changed, I will not be performing with Jim Clark at the Norwalk Library on March 8, but Vincent Herring will be taking my place, so  don't miss a jazz to hear this masterful player up close.  3 PM Norwalk Library, Norwalk, CT.

Latest Track

This track was recorded with Marshall McDonald (soprano sax) Don Friedman (piano), Dwayne Burno (bass), Charli Persip (drums) at Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY 2009- Only Available for download here.


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